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Caregivers often wonder, "When should we call the hospice?" There is no simple answer to that question; however, the following are questions to keep in mind to help make the best informed decisions for you and your loved ones. 

When Should I Call The Hospice?

  • What changes have I seen in my loved one's health within the past year? 

  • How do I expect the condition to change in the next year?

  • What am I most concerned about right now?

  • Am I feeling sad, exhausted, angry, isolated, guilty, anxious, or depressed because of the changes in our lives?

  • What decisions are we facing regarding treatments and/or medications.

  • How has our quality of life been affected by this illness or its treatment.

  • What changes have I noticed in the ability to get around and take care of daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating in the past six months?

  • How is pain or any other symptom affecting our quality of life?

  • Are we making more frequent trips to the emergency room of hospital?

  • What is truly important to the person whom I care for? To me? To other close to us?

  • What kinds of assistance might free up more time or energy to spend on on those things that are most important to us?

  • Who can I call when I have a question or concern in the middle of the night or during the weekend?

  • How are the responsibilities of caregiving affecting my daily life? My health?

  • What is our backup plan if something happens to me?

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